Move(mber) Your Mo – Interview with Kunal Anand


A Health Spark interview with Kunal Anand, Senior Lecturer, Merchant Vessel Operations, WMA

It was Kunal Anand’s five-year-old daughter, Nyesha, who gave him a much needed jolt when she told him flatly he was getting fat.

In his first year on shore, an inactive lifestyle had gained Kunal, 34, 15kg in weight. He acted fast and joined the gym at Warsash Maritime Academy (WMA), where over the course of one year he lost 1kg a month until he got down to his ideal weight.

Kunal, from New Delhi, India, spent 10 years working on cargo ships as a Deck Officer, often away from his family for up to eight months of the year. Although he loved the sea views, visiting his favourite city New York and far flung places such as North Korea, he missed his family, especially his young daughter.

He trains in the gym four times a week with a combination of 20 minutes cardiovascular exercise – rowing or running – and resistance exercises with weights. It’s a programme that Sport Solent’s, Joe Pinto, helped design for him.

“I associate the gym with health now…it’s my mindset,” he says.

Today, Kunal sits cheerfully at his desk, leaning back as he recounts the changes in his diet that accompanied the gym visits: he cut down on portions, snacked on fruit and tried to have his evening meal early.

“The last (Solent Health Spark) body MOT I had during Movember 2012 showed that my metabolism is slow – there are fatty genes in my family…we have a tendency to gain weight,” he says with a grin.

A pair of black leather gloves on his desk, beneath pictures of mean looking machines, hint at his other passion since living on shore: his beloved Kawasaki 750cc motorbike.

“I love the wind on my face…the exhilaration…I beat the traffic and I can blow off some steam when I feel stressed!”

When not working or jogging on Southampton Common, cycling or blasting stress out of his system, he can be found enjoying his family watching the latest films, sport or the news.

Male Cancers – A Few Facts
• Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the UK with 1 in 8 men diagnosed each year
• 47% of testicular cancer cases occur in men under 35 years and over 90% occur in men under 55 years
• It’s estimated that by 2030, prostate cancer will be the most common cancer.

There are two things to consider when preparing for physical activity if you’re overweight: your body mass index (BMI) and also where you store your fat.

• Having a large amount of tummy fat makes you more likely to develop diabetes type 2, heart disease, prostate and colon cancers.
• A healthy waist circumference for men is less than 94cm (37 inches).
• The best way to lose weight is a combination of physical activity and eating less.
(Source: NHS Choices)

To measure your BMI use this handy online NHS tool

Visit Health Spark on the portal to help kick start your healthy lifestyle with information about eating well, opportunities to be active and updates about weight loss and nutrition courses.

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