The High Performance Academy

Check out this great blog post from Wheelchair Rugby athlete, Myles Pearson who talks about life down South and how our High Performance Academy helped him achieve his goals!

Myles' Road to Tokyo2020

  Life is interesting.  There is nobody in this world that has an easy ride, in fact everybody at some time or another has had a real struggle. I have always found, the ones who take the opportunity to pick themselves back up and carry on, in general succeed. However those that expect other people to help pick themselves back up, often have missed the opportunity to achieve. When I go and do school talks I often base the talk around opportunities, as I believe it’s hugely important for younger people to understand about how to create opportunities for there selves.   Brilliant things happen to those that work hard for an opportunity, enjoy the experience that the opportunity creates, whilst also making sure the next opportunity has already been worked hard for and been created for whoever to enjoy. Never underestimate the power of keeping numerous doors open. 


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