Team Highlights: Ravens Cheerleading

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Last season, we interviewed Team Solent Ravens Cheerleading captain, Natashs Quintun to find out how the last season went for the squad. You can meet the team at this year’s Sports Fayre 2014 which will be held at the Guildhall Square on Thursday 25 September! Join the official event on Facebook.

Tell us how the last season went for your team and did it reach your expectations?

I would say that this season just gone was one of our hardest, A lot of our girls graduated last year, so it was a challenge trying to teach everyone new skills and get them comp ready in three months especially as most of them hadn’t done competitive cheerleading before. I think all our squad reached their expectations this year. HipHop came second at Nationals, Gameday consistently produced exciting routines at the American Football games, Comp cheer overcame a lot and improved their score for the second day of Nationals and both stunt teams were consistent at comps with Level three going on to win their division at Nationals which is amazing, as none of them had ever competed stunt before.

How did the Freshers settle in? Did you have many new joiners?

We had a lot of freshers last year – in fact I think they outnumber the returners but its impossible to tell them apart in training as they are just as committed. They settled in really quickly and were keen to give up their spare time and participate in all of our charity events

Where did the team compete last year?

All three of our competitive teams competed at ICC regionals held at Guildford, Future Cheer University Championships at Bath university and the ICC British Open National Championships, which was held at Nottingham Arena

Who can join the team?

Anyone can join our team. No matter what their experience, we have a squad to suit them, as we teach everything you need to know in workshops during freshers week

How did the teams socials go last year?

The socials have been really good, especially the ones at the beginning as they really helped everyone bond. We’ve not had as many joint socials as we would have liked but hopefully we’ll be able to organise more for next year

What is a typical training session for Team Solent Ravens?

Our training sessions vary squad to squad. A typical training session for Gameday consists of a an aerobic style warm-up followed by a lot of stretching. Then they usually learn the routine without stunts just to make sure people can get to places. They then spend the rest of the routine learning the stunts and incorporating them into the routine. Gamedays are a pretty hardcore squad as they have to learn an entire new routine every week

What where the team’s toughest challenges to overcome last season?

I would say that our toughest challenges had to come from our competition cheer squad. Regionals is our 1st competition of the season and our first opportunity to get feedback on the routine that we’ll be taking to Nationals which takes place two months after. We had a lot of girls who had to pull out of comp due to injury a few weeks before so it was a nightmare trying to find replacements from other squads as they have a completely different skill to us, plus it meant the coaches had to try and teach girls an entire routine that we had been learning for three months in a couple of weeks. Every girl on comp really stepped up to help the new girls learn the routine, they even organised additional training sessions which was a really nice thing to see.

What are the plans in moving the team forward this coming academic year?

This year we really want to improve our tumbling and stunting skills as they are the two main things holding us back from getting a first place at Nationals. All of our qualified coaches left last year, so a lot of of our girls have become qualified over the Summer and we’re looking into getting sponsorship at a gymnastics centre, so hopefully these things will do the trick . We intend to recruit even more members into our cheer family, as we’re only 39 away from hitting 100 members!


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